Welcome to The Sushi Duke Website The Sushi Duke restuarant offers a complete experience in MODERN JAPANESE CUISINE.
Redondo Beach - IZAKAYA and SUSHI Central

Sushi Duke is located south of the intersection of Catalina Avenue and Torrance Boulevard near the Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach in the Republic of California. Please click on the Location link on the left of this page to see a map or feel free to call us at (310) 374-6929 to get directions. There is parking available behind the restuarant.

Sushi Duke offers an excellent selection of traditional Japanese dishes. Sanjee, the Master Sushi Chef, has also created an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind rolls and sashimi. There is also a delicious selection of IZAKAYA (Japanese Appetizers).

And lets not forget the selection of fine Sake. And, of course, Japanese beer. And Wine.

Relax at the Sushi Bar and review the selection of fish that Sanjee has acquired in his daily trek to the fish market. Or have a seat at the tables for an intimate experience to delight your pallette.

Sushi Duke Redondo
320 South Catalina Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA. 90277
(310) 374-6929